1. Rubicon Express
    1. Instant $100 off on select Rubicon Express lift kits with shocks.
  2. Rubicon Express Display Program
    1. R/E Builders Planogram ­ Part Number: REBUILDER
      1. Qualifier:  Customer is to buy inventory to display in showroom (Jobber is $1443.43). It comes with qty 2 of each 24 of the most popular builder section SKU¹s that include superflex joints, shock mounts, rod ends, degree shims. It also includes a small 2x50 header card and the parts included are designed to fit on a standard 4x4 end cap, small gondola or slat wall section. This is to be used on customers¹ existing slat wall, gondola etc. Part number includes inventory and header card only.
    2. 4x8 Wall Graphic Display - Part Number: MK04ST1501
      1. Qualifier: Free with purchase of $500.00 or more of Rubicon Express product. Limited to 100 units on hand.
    3. RE 24x53 Banner - Part Number: REBANNER
      1. 1000 units on the water ETA 1-2 Weeks. Free at salesman discretion. Use R/E Misc. Code to offset cost.
  3. Pro Comp Suspension
    1. Save up to $150 on select Pro Comp Suspension kits.
    2. 10% off Pro Comp Black Series Shocks.
    3. Instant 20% off (ZX2081) 1999 to 2006 Toyota Tundra 4WD Suspension Kit.
  4. Pro Comp Tires
    1. Mail-In-Rebate Purchase a set of 4 Pro Comp A/T Sports or Xtreme MT2 tires and receive $50 off.
  5. Pro Comp Wheels / LRG
    1. TMS (overstock) Inventory Specials. Save up to 75% off Jobber on select Pro Comp and LRG wheels.
  6. G2
    1. Purchase a Jeep Ring & Pinion package, and receive a free G2 Hammer differential cover. A $80 value.
  7. Poison Spyder
    1. Purchase any Poison Spyder Welded Cages receive free grab handles. A $45 value.
  8. Smittybilt
    1. Purchase a Atlas Front and Rear Bumper Get $100 Off. (76892 / 76896)
    2. Gear Seat Cover Special Buy Pair of Gear Seat covers and Get a matching Tail Gate cover Free. A $55 value (56610xx, 56622xx, 56623xx)
    3. Save up to 29% on select TJ and JK Tops.
    4. Instant $30 off TJ Bowless Tops. (9973235)
    5. XRC ATV/UTV Winch Special on 2K & 3K Winches. Save up to $15. (97202, 97203)
    6. Purchase an Arctic Fridge Freezer get $50 off. (2789)
  9. Trail Master
    1. Complete suspension kits 30% off jobber
    2. Shocks (if separate from complete suspension kits), Wheels, Lighting, Winches 15% off jobber
    3. Leveling kits will still remain at the $69 price point
  10. Firestone
    1. Instant 10% off all Firestone products.
    2. POP Offer
      1. Purchase any 2 Ride-Rite kits get a free POP and Yeti Rambler. A $150 value. 1 per Jobber.
      2. Purchase any all in one kits get a free POP and Yeti Rambler. A $150 value. 1 per Jobber.
  11. Westin
    1. Purchase any front and rear bumper combo get 50% off jobber 1 per store
    2. POP Offer
      1. Once you buy the 2 bumpers to display Westin will give you the following
        1. Display Stand part # 55458
        2. Header Card
        3. 2 Free 10” LED lights to display on bumpers part # 09-1223-20S.
  12. Retrax
    1. Purchase 2 or more Retrax covers on a single invoice get a free POP Display.